Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment?

bitcoin investment

Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment?

The highest security concern in Bitcoin investment is the fraud and hacking risk. As the price and value of Bitcoin rise, the number of publicized hacking has also increased. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission reported a median loss of about $1,900 between October 2020 to March 2021.

However, does the security concerns and price volatility mean that Bitcoin in Indonesia isn’t a smart investment? Read on to know if bitcoin is a smart investment.

Should You Invest in Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin in Indonesia?

Bitcoin is the most popular held Crypto, and it has the highest crime reports in the Crypto world.

Bitcoin is volatile, but if you want to take the risk and buy Bitcoin, ensure you know what you’re investing in.

You have to ask yourself some pertinent questions like: Do I know what I am investing in? Is the level of risk okay for me? Should I invest during the price dip? Can the prices rise higher?

It isn’t a nice idea to invest or buy Bitcoin if you can’t answer the above questions.

What to Consider Before Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, like any digital investment, has potential rewards and risks. It can be a risky and smart venture. Thus, you have to consider certain things before you venture so you’ll maximize profits and make a fortune like some. 

The things to note are:

  • The funds you invest in Bitcoin aren’t safe from value fluctuations. It’s a volatile investment. So if you want a safe business with guaranteed returns, don’t invest in Bitcoin.
  • Don’t invest all your life savings on Bitcoin investment. Only invest a small amount of your income. Like the golden rule in investment, buy bitcoin with caution; invest the funds you can afford to lose and don’t forget to keep in your Crypto Wallet.
  • Diversify your funds. Don’t place all your hopes on Bitcoin; try other Cryptos.

You can try eToro. eToro is a trading and multi-asset firm that concentrates on offering copy trading and financial services. eToro can be profitable, but you can lose funds too.

Often, it can be hard to analyze what a digital token’s market capitalization could be. Thus, trade and tread carefully.

Consider the Pros and Cons:

Pro- Bitcoin has gone global, its price and value have increased since 2020. And it has the same value in all countries with no exchange rates. 

Con- Bitcoin is a risky investment, and it’s volatile. Also, its technical issues can make you lose your funds.

Why You Can Lose Your Funds In Bitcoin

You can lose your money on Bitcoin when its value plummets. Bitcoin is volatile, and its price is determined by mostly sentiment. You lose money if you sell an investment for less than you purchase it. 


You can also lose your Bitcoin money or Bitcoin Indonesia login to Cybercriminals. Scammers and hackers are increasing and are now attempting ingenious means of stealing funds. Atlas VPN reported that hackers steal $10million Cryptos daily.

Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment? Final Analysis

Bitcoin is extremely volatile; however, the high liquidity with bitcoin makes it a good investment, especially if you want a short-term profit. 

Bitcoin might be a long-term investment because of its high market demand. It may reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. Thus, it can be a good ride!


Bitcoin Indonesia login isn’t regulated. However, to become successful in Bitcoin investment, you have to do your due diligence and diversify your investment portfolios; don’t place all your hopes on Bitcoin, and try other Cryptos.

Bitcoin is volatile; thus, you shouldn’t panic. You can crystallize losses by selling your Bitcoin when the value falls.

As stated, Bitcoin may reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. You can buy bitcoin Indonesia, enter your Bitcoin login, tread carefully, and enjoy the ride!

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