Getting bitcoin and crypto currencies loans in indonesia

How to get bitcoin and crypto currencies loans in Indonesia

Getting a loan from the traditional banks in Indonesia can be very difficult and come with many
processes. Are you looking for how to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies loans in
Indonesia? Or do you want to understand how crypto lending works? Congrats, you are reading
the right guide.
Let’s dive straight into it.
Private individuals, small businesses, and investors can access bitcoin loans in Indonesia at
very low rates from the comfort of their bedrooms. Getting a cryptocurrency loan is a lot easier
than you can imagine.

What are cryptocurrency loans?

Bitcoin login and Crypto Holders offer their cryptocurrencies to intermediary platforms that lend
out the cryptocurrency to borrowers for a given period and charge the borrower’s interests on
the loan received.
Borrowers use their cryptocurrencies as collateral to get a loan, while lenders give out their
cryptocurrencies as loans and earn the borrower’s pay as interest out of the cryptocurrencies.
Most platforms assess borrowers and offer loans on their own, then split the profits with lenders.
This offers a comparable experience to how banks provide loans and pay interest on savings
accounts. Others function as markets, where borrowers and lenders may meet and compare
deals. Many platforms will have their native token, which may obtain better rates, discounts, or
other benefits.

How did crypto lending start?

Crypto lending became a big thing during the pandemic. Since Central Banks were slashing
interest rates, investors decided to hold on to their cryptos to get better returns in investment.
Also, Hodlers were looking for ways to make good use of their cryptocurrency. Since then,
Crypto loans have become a quick and straightforward way to access fiat money without selling

How to get Bitcoin and cryptocurrency loans

If you’re planning to get a bitcoin exchange loan and you’re unsure where to start, there are two
primary options:
Centralized lending platforms.

Decentralized lending platforms.

Crypto Loans On Centralized exchanges

Centralized crypto lending services will continue to use blockchain technology to record all
deposits and withdrawals, which will be transparent to all and provide a wonderful opportunity to
earn interest on Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins like USDC and DAI.
To be compliant, centralized ecosystems like BlockFi, Nexo, and Binance will require you to
create a bitcoin login account by signing up on their platform. Then go through the Know Your
Customer (KYC) requirements to avoid bitcoin login wallet fraud and money laundering.
These platforms usually have processes in place to keep your collateral safe. Some people
insure their crypto assets or store the majority of their digital assets in cold storage.

Decentralized loans

Decentralized lending transactions are handled entirely by code rather than by humans. Smart
contracts employ algorithms and protocols to automate loan payments on Aave, Compound,
and dYdX.
Anyone may access the protocols on a decentralized finance network, making them entirely
transparent because nothing can be concealed on the blockchain. There is no mediator or
financial regulator on CeFi platforms. Thus you don’t have to go through a KYC verification
process. DeFi interest rates for crypto lending, on the other hand, frequently fall short of what
centralized competitors can offer.

How to get a crypto loan?

Getting a crypto loan from a bitcoin exchange is straightforward.
1. Compare different crypto lending platforms
2. Sign up and create an account with them.
3. Complete the KYC verification.
4. Start applying for cryptocurrency loans.

yield farming

Passive income with crypto yield farming in Indonesia

yield farming

'Don't just work for crypto; let your crypto work for you.'

Do you know there are ways you can generate passive income with your cryptocurrency?
Don’t worry; I know how you can make passive income with your bitcoin throughout the year in
Indonesia and anywhere globally.
Most Cryptocurrency holders sit on their coins in the bitcoin exchange and don’t know what to
do with them. Anytime you login bitcoin wallet and see your cryptocurrency sitting down there.
You are thinking of a way possible ways to earn more profits from this cryptocurrency. One way
to earn income from your crypto is Yield farming

What is crypto yield farming?

Yield farming is when you lend or stake your cryptocurrency in a smart contract-based liquid
pool in exchange for governance tokens and interests. The governance token is issued to you
by the company that owns the pool as a reward for staking your cryptocurrency in their pool.
The token can be used and exchanged for another cryptocurrency in different exchanges.
You might be wondering how profit is made?

Liquidity Mining

There is something called liquidity mining. Liquidity mining is when you as an investor have two
tokens (Ethereum and Usdt) currently in high demand. You take both tokens to the liquidity pool,
acting as a liquidity provider. Traders can swap different cryptocurrencies on the decentralized
exchange and for a transaction fee. The pools pay you out of the transaction fees charged.
Also, you get to choose which token you would like to receive your rewards. In our case, let’s
say ethereum. In addition to the ethereum interest, you get as a reward for staking your coin.

Decentralized Crypto lending

Also, with DeFi, you can lend people your cryptocurrency and, in return, get an annual Pay
Yield(APY). The lending company issues the APY within a period. You give your money to a
Defi and let them lend out your money to investors.
As a yield farmer, you can also lend your cryptocurrency to a Defi platform like COMP AND
AAVE. The company lends your cryptocurrency to traders who trade back and forth with your
cryptocurrency. The traders are to pay back with interest. The company then pays you out of the
interests they’ve made.

The risks involved

For one thing, there’s theft in addition to regulatory crackdowns. The digital money you lend is
kept effectively by software, and hackers constantly find new methods to attack code
vulnerabilities and steal money. Some of the coins users are depositing for yield farming are
only a few years old at most, and they might lose value, leading the system to crash.
Furthermore, early investors frequently own substantial amounts of reward tokens, and their
decisions to sell might significantly influence token pricing.
Finally, regulators have yet to decide whether incentive tokens are or may become securities,
significantly influencing their use and value.


Now that you know how much profit you can make as a yield farmer and the possible risk
involved. I’ll advise you do more research before putting your money in any liquidity pool. You
can check out rugdoc and see reviews about different liquidity mining pools.


Can credit cards be used in indonesia


Crypto credit cards in Indonesia

The total number of credit cards in Indonesia was 16.71 million as of June 2021. Since the
COVID-19 crisis in 2020, the number of credit cards in Indonesia has declined. However,
Indonesia’s central bank has reduced the maximum credit card interest rate from 2.25 to 2% per
month since May 2020 to aid the country’s economic recovery from the crisis.
After Mastercard announced a new partnership with digital asset platform Bakkt, crypto-friendly
investment platforms like SoFi and BlockFi and cryptocurrency exchanges like Gemini are all
rolling out credit cards.
Crypto rewards may soon be an alternative for loyalty programs on more traditional rewards
credit cards in Indonesia. As a result, rather than earning points and miles, more risk-taking
investors may soon be able to receive incentives redeemable for specific cryptocurrencies.

What are crypto credit cards?

Crypto credit cards work similarly to standard credit cards, except that they use digital money,
such as Bitcoin, to source cash and pay incentives. You can still enjoy flexible spending with
improved benefits thanks to Bitcoin, backed by well-known card issuers such as Visa and
Traditional credit card issuers such as Citibank and American Express already provide credit
cards that can help you earn more cash back or get free trips (when you pay your balances in
full and on time). To use new bitcoin login rewards cards, you’ll have to swap assured returns in
the form of travel points or cashback for crypto into your bitcoin login wallet that may or may not
return the same value.

Top credit cards for Indonesians


Gemini gets crypto rewards automatically, which are compatible with over 30 different
cryptocurrencies. While there are no exchange costs, it’s crucial to remember that exchanges
aren’t always guaranteed. Users will like the lack of an annual cost, but there is no sign-up
Depending on your card, transaction fees range from 0.5%to over 4%. The WebBank Gemini
card is a MasterCard-issued card that gives users access to any MasterCard-accepting


BlockFi is a credit card that lets customers earn interest on their Bitcoin holdings. The default
reward structure for your BlockFi card is bitcoin. A 1.5 % return on purchases is given out in
Bitcoin and saved in your BlockFi bitcoin wallet login account as a reward. You can use your
card anywhere Visa cards are accepted for greater spending power, and there are no foreign
transaction fees when traveling.

Nexo crypto credit card

Nexo is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency credit card that allows you to borrow up to $2 million in
cryptocurrency. Create an account, complete the KYC process, deposit your crypto assets, and
withdraw the advance to apply for a line of credit. You may use their mobile application to place
orders and manage your account balance as well as your Nexo Card.
Nexo keeps your existing bitcoin balance as insurance rather than converting it to money every
time you make a purchase. Individuals have the option of paying their interest in either
cryptocurrency or fiat currency.


The use of crypto credit cards can be very rewarding compared to receiving your credit card
rewards in fiat currency. Though it might look like cryptos doesn’t give you the best means to
purchase goods and services. But earning your rewards in crypto inro your bitcoin login wallet is
a smart investment move as the credit card reward is free money. There is no harm in investing
free money and buy bitcoin Indonesia.

metaverse bitcoinlogin

The Metaverse

metaverse bitcoinlogin

What Is The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is no longer a fantasy. It’s slowly becoming the New Reality. 

The word Metaverse has become a buzzword on the internet today, describing it as a fully immersive online world similar to our physical world but generated on a computer. Metaverse, when explained, means bringing life to the internet.

The word ‘Metaverse’ originated from the novel Snow Crash written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Have you watched the movie Ready Player One? In the movie, some of the actors played a virtual reality game for a prize. Each player in the game has an avatar with a unique and anonymous identity and can interact with different elements in the game like they would in the real world. They could do anything they do in the physical world also in the game. Isn’t that cool?.

Metaverse is going to change the way we see the internet today. It will revolutions the way we interact with one another, digital arts, and music. Facebook, Microsoft and Nvidia, and other big names in tech are investing billions of dollars into creating cutting-edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. With daily advancement in VR and AR technologies taking place in the world now. We are getting closer to creating a Metaverse sooner than expected.

The Metaverse And Games

In the gaming industry, Companies like Epic, the creator of the Fortnite game, have already created Metaverse games. Players can play and interact with the games’ elements like driving cars and attending concerts as they would do in the real world. Players are even allowed to spend money dressing up their characters. The company generated close to $9 billion in revenue in 2018 and 2019. 

Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Marshmello held live concerts in the Fortnite metaverse game with over 12 million concurrent views. The gaming industry has changed in such a way that its highest earners are developers. The concept of play and earn games has increased the potentials of gamers to earn in the Metaverse. 

Axie Infinity reported that 125,000 active daily players exchanged over 9000 ETH in the gaming marketplace. Play and earn games like Minecraft and Roblox are powered by their blockchain. Players transact in the games Metaverse using NFT and tokens like Decentraland MANA and Axie Infinity.

The Metaverse BlockChain

Metaverse Blockchain is the first Chinese blockchain project that focuses on building a universe where digital assets (Metaverse Smart Token) and digital identities(Avatars) form the basis of the blockchain transactions with the help of a valued intermediary (Oracle). The blockchain project will transform human society and change the way we see the world, bringing us to a New Reality.

Metaverse allows individuals to create digital assets and unique identities without any knowledge of programming. The metaverse blockchain allows you to create Non Fungible Tokens(NFT) and even your cryptocurrency without stress.

Metaverse Mining Pools

Metaverse uses both the Proof Of Work (POW) and Proof Of Stake (POS) to distribute its token in the network. The POW rewards miners with Metaverse Entropy(ETP) when they can solve a block. Solving a block takes about 24 seconds.

Mining the Metaverse can be difficult, expensive, and difficult to profit from when done alone. This is why most metaverse miners come together and combine mining power and split the ETP reward proportionally among miners.

There are 100 million ETPs in the network, and the smallest possible traded value of etp is 10^-8 etp. Etp, as described by its developers, is not a new form of cryptocurrency. It is the utility of the Metaverse Blockchain. Therefore, its price is dependent on the Metaverse Blockchain market demand and growth.Metaverse can be mined with both GPUs and ASIC (Applications Specific Integrated Circuits). Mining with GPUs is not advisable as they have lower hash rates, unlike ASIC, which has more processing power for mining cryptos. You can get a list of metaverse mining pools here: Click here.

Metaverse Wallets

After mining or purchasing the Metaverse ETP, you will have to store the ETP in a wallet. The Metaverse wallet is unlike other crypto wallets that allow you to only send and receive digital assets like every wallet and create digital assets without any programming knowledge. 

There are three major types of metaverse wallets:

Mobile Wallets: These are third-party wallets that come as apps on smartphones. The Mobile wallets allow you to send and receive Metaverse anywhere and anytime with a click of a button on your smartphone. 

Online Web Wallets: These are web-based wallets that store your private and public keys in a server owned by the wallet service provider. You can access your etp anywhere once you can get to a PC with the internet. This kind of wallet comes with its own risk, as hackers can access and steal your keys, and you lose your tokens to them.

Offline Wallets (Cold Wallets and Paper Wallets): offline wallets offer the best securities among other wallets. You might be surprised how paper can be a wallet. You can write down your private keys on a page of your diary and keep the diary in a safe place without worrying that any hacker will hack it. You can also store the keys in a hard drive or flash drive and keep them in a safe place.


At we are fascinated by the whole Metaverse concept and how it would benefit and change our society? Are you? You can start by checking out some metaverse tutorial videos on youtube. Also, If you plan to use the Metaverse blockchain to create digital assets like NFT or cryptocurrency, you can sell and make money online. You can visit the Metaverse official website guide. 

bitcoin investment

Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment?

bitcoin investment

Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment?

The highest security concern in Bitcoin investment is the fraud and hacking risk. As the price and value of Bitcoin rise, the number of publicized hacking has also increased. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission reported a median loss of about $1,900 between October 2020 to March 2021.

However, does the security concerns and price volatility mean that Bitcoin in Indonesia isn’t a smart investment? Read on to know if bitcoin is a smart investment.

Should You Invest in Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin in Indonesia?

Bitcoin is the most popular held Crypto, and it has the highest crime reports in the Crypto world.

Bitcoin is volatile, but if you want to take the risk and buy Bitcoin, ensure you know what you’re investing in.

You have to ask yourself some pertinent questions like: Do I know what I am investing in? Is the level of risk okay for me? Should I invest during the price dip? Can the prices rise higher?

It isn’t a nice idea to invest or buy Bitcoin if you can’t answer the above questions.

What to Consider Before Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, like any digital investment, has potential rewards and risks. It can be a risky and smart venture. Thus, you have to consider certain things before you venture so you’ll maximize profits and make a fortune like some. 

The things to note are:

  • The funds you invest in Bitcoin aren’t safe from value fluctuations. It’s a volatile investment. So if you want a safe business with guaranteed returns, don’t invest in Bitcoin.
  • Don’t invest all your life savings on Bitcoin investment. Only invest a small amount of your income. Like the golden rule in investment, buy bitcoin with caution; invest the funds you can afford to lose and don’t forget to keep in your Crypto Wallet.
  • Diversify your funds. Don’t place all your hopes on Bitcoin; try other Cryptos.

You can try eToro. eToro is a trading and multi-asset firm that concentrates on offering copy trading and financial services. eToro can be profitable, but you can lose funds too.

Often, it can be hard to analyze what a digital token’s market capitalization could be. Thus, trade and tread carefully.

Consider the Pros and Cons:

Pro- Bitcoin has gone global, its price and value have increased since 2020. And it has the same value in all countries with no exchange rates. 

Con- Bitcoin is a risky investment, and it’s volatile. Also, its technical issues can make you lose your funds.

Why You Can Lose Your Funds In Bitcoin

You can lose your money on Bitcoin when its value plummets. Bitcoin is volatile, and its price is determined by mostly sentiment. You lose money if you sell an investment for less than you purchase it. 


You can also lose your Bitcoin money or Bitcoin Indonesia login to Cybercriminals. Scammers and hackers are increasing and are now attempting ingenious means of stealing funds. Atlas VPN reported that hackers steal $10million Cryptos daily.

Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment? Final Analysis

Bitcoin is extremely volatile; however, the high liquidity with bitcoin makes it a good investment, especially if you want a short-term profit. 

Bitcoin might be a long-term investment because of its high market demand. It may reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. Thus, it can be a good ride!


Bitcoin Indonesia login isn’t regulated. However, to become successful in Bitcoin investment, you have to do your due diligence and diversify your investment portfolios; don’t place all your hopes on Bitcoin, and try other Cryptos.

Bitcoin is volatile; thus, you shouldn’t panic. You can crystallize losses by selling your Bitcoin when the value falls.

As stated, Bitcoin may reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. You can buy bitcoin Indonesia, enter your Bitcoin login, tread carefully, and enjoy the ride!


How To Use a “Cold” Wallet


How To Use a "Cold" Wallet

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have witnessed a more significant surge and popularity since 2019. In particular, Bitcoin surpassed its previous all-time height in early 2021. As the price and value of Bitcoin rise, the number of publicized hacking has also increased. 

Indonesian users could lose their bitcoin holdings or Bitcoin wallet login as hackers are now attempting ingenious means of stealing funds. Against this, a Cold wallet is established to mitigate or stop Bitcoin login theft.

What's Cold Wallet?

Cold storage/wallet or offline wallet is a wallet that’s unconnected to the internet and thus stands a significantly reduced risk of being compromised.

A cold wallet is one of the safest means of holding bitcoin, as the wallet isn’t accessible through the internet. It stores the user’s address and the private key on things not connected to the internet.

It comes with software that operates in parallel; thus, making users view their portfolios without risking their private keys.

Arguably, the most efficient means to store Crypto or Bitcoin offline is through a Paper wallet. It’s a type of cold wallet users can generate from some websites. Paper wallets develop both private and public keys that you can print on a piece of paper. 

For many Crypto experts in Indonesia, a cold wallet is preferable to a hot wallet because a hot wallet has digital storage options and is more susceptible to hacks.

How To Use a "Cold" Wallet

It’s safe to buy Bitcoin in Indonesia, but your Bitcoin Indonesia login might be compromised. Creating and using a cold storage paper wallet is a simple way to safeguard your Bitcoin Indonesia login, and it needs a little technical knowledge. 

Here's how to set up and use a cold wallet:

  • The first thing is to set up an offline Bitcoin address with a private and public key pair. The address will never go online until you want to spend it.

Next, visit the paper wallet tool. Save it locally to the computer while on the page.

  • After saving it, close the open paper wallet tool page. And disconnect the computer from your internet. 

After the internet disconnection, open the saved file, move your mouse on the page, and type any characters to set up extra entropy.

This means you’re creating a random Bitcoin address with both private and public key-pair. Your created Bitcoin address will be completely offline because you saved your file locally and aren’t connected to any internet.

  • Print the page- Make an offline copy of the Bitcoin address to load later with Bitcoin for a cold storage solution. 

Press on the print button while offline and on the locally saved paper wallet page. Ensure your printer isn’t connected to any internet. You can print the page after confirming you aren’t connected.

You’ve set up an offline Bitcoin address with its hard copy locally for storage at this stage. 

Note: There should be a public Bitcoin address and the QR code with the corresponding private key and QR code on the printed page. 

It’s advisable to store the paper wallet in a secured place, like the Indonesian fireproof safe. 

Now, you can safely connect your internet back.

  • Buy Bitcoin and put money on your cold wallet- Next, buy bitcoin and add it to the wallet. Copy the address or scan the wallet QR code and send money to your cold storage. 
  • Redeeming Bitcoin from your cold wallet- You’ll import a private key to the Bitcoin wallet login that’s online if you want to spend from your cold wallet. Wallets that support the import of private keys would work. For instance, you can import the private key if you download the wallet.
  • You can spend your funds after successfully moving your cold storage funds online. Don’t reuse cold storage wallets. You can set up a new one after redeeming them online.

Final Thought's

Although many users in Indonesia use hot wallets without issues, there are some risks involved. For instance, your private keys are stored on web servers which can be hacked and be at risk. Also, malware might infect the device with your hot wallet.

However, cold wallets remove the risks. It stores your private keys offline in the wallet. You can connect cold wallets to computers with malware infection without being at risk.

To buy Bitcoin in Indonesia isn’t enough, use cold storage to safeguard your Bitcoin wallet login!

token vs coin

What’s the Difference Between a Coin and a Token

token vs coin

What's the Difference Between a Coin and a Token

Coin and Token are often thrown around and used interchangeably in the Crypto industry. However, many people in Indonesia don’t know that they have two different meanings.

Often, Crypto users in Indonesia use the name “coin” to mean what other users term “tokens” and use “token” to indicate what other users term “coins”. At the same time, some use either name to describe every digital asset presently available.

However, read on to see the difference between a coin and a token.

What's A Coin

A digital coin is an asset that’s native to its blockchain. Coins are Cryptos that have their independent blockchain network. Each Coin, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, exists on their blockchain. For instance, Bitcoin Indonesia login runs on the Bitcoin blockchain, and Ethereum or Ether runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Digital Coins transactions can be made from one user to another. It’s not physical coins that move if you send or receive them. Every Coin exists as data on the global database that tracks all transactions verified and checked by computers globally.

Generally, Digital coins are used as real money. In particular, with your Bitcoin Indonesia login, you can buy Bitcoin Indonesia and use BTC to pay for services or goods on the internet and in several places globally.

What's A Token

A Token doesn’t use its independent blockchain. It can be more than Cryptos; it could be a digital representation of anything. A crypto token can be the opposite of a Coin because tokens operate on another blockchain. 

Many tokens use the Ether blockchain known as ERC-677 or ERC-20

Chainlink (LINK) and stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) are some popular Ethereum-based tokens. USDC utilizes ERC-20 to tokenize the United States Dollars on the Ether blockchain. 

Chainlink utilizes the ERC-677 Token on the Ether network to offer real-world data to a smart contract on the blockchain. Also, Chainlink’s Token, LINK, is utilized to pay for things on the network by setting up smart contracts that could interact with real-world information and events that exist outside the blockchain.

A Token is used to digitally trade real-world assets such as real estate, gold, or shares. And it can be used for transactions on the dApp or to reward users with discounted fees.

The Difference Between a Coin and a Token

Coin and Token both represent values that can also process payments. Users can swap tokens for coins and vice versa.

  • The significant difference between a Coin and a Token revolves around utility. You can do certain things with tokens and can’t do them on coins. More so, some marketplaces would accept a coin and not a token.
  • Coins are digital currencies similar to physical currencies. In contrast, Tokens are digital assets issued on a particular project.

  • A Coin is mainly used as a source of payment. You can pay for something via the Bitcoin login. Conversely, a Token is used for digital contracts and payments.
  • Coins are Cryptos that have their independent blockchain network. A Token doesn’t use its independent blockchain. It can be more than Cryptos; it can be a digital representation of anything. 

  • A crypto token can be the opposite of a Coin because tokens operate on another blockchain. 

  • Some popular examples of Coins are Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoin, and EOS. Maker, Golem, Augur, and Komodo are some examples of Tokens.

Coin and Token comparisons are similar to traders and investors. All traders invest, but not all investors trade.

The Difference Between a Coin and a Token: Final Thought

The difference between a coin and a token isn’t huge, but it can be confusing when overlooked. A good way to specify them is to pay attention if you want to buy bitcoin Indonesia or buy something. 

If you have your Bitcoin login or when buying a product, you’ll likely need coins. And if you’re buying a service, you can use utility tokens.

Significantly, every digital currency can be referred to as Crypto, but not every Crypto can be termed a coin. A Token can be a Crypto, but it can equally be an NFT or any non-currency asset.

CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET – How to Choose the Right One for Your Cryptocurrency By Bitcoinlogin

CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET - How to Choose the Right One for Your Cryptocurrency By Bitcoinlogin

A cryptocurrency wallet is a device or program that stores public and private keys for cryptocurrency transactions and enables users to send and receive digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, crypto wallets allow users to monitor their balance. 

Like with conventional wallets, you don’t need a wallet to spend your cash, but it can help keep your cash in one place. Anytime you want to acquire any cryptocurrency, whether by purchasing it from a cryptocurrency exchange, receiving it as a gift from family or friends, or revenue. You can always direct the sender to a unique cryptographic address issued by the wallet.


When someone sends you bitcoins or any other digital currency, they are basically signing off on the coins’ ownership to your wallet’s address. The private key stored in your wallet must match the public address the currency is linked to it in order to spend those coins and access the funds. The balance in your digital wallet will increase if the public and private keys match, and the senders will balance drop accordingly. There is no physical exchange of the coin.

Users can request a certain amount of bitcoin or other crypto-assets to another person, and the system will generate a unique address that can be given to a third party or converted into a QR code. 

Each time you a do a bitcoin login and makes a request; a unique address is produced. When someone gives you a unique address, you can always send crypto-assets to their wallets.


There is a long and growing list of crypto wallets to choose from. However, before you choose a wallet, think about how you plan to use it. Therefore, taking some time to consider your needs before deciding on the best crypto wallet for you and asking yourself the following questions will guide you.

  • Do you need a wallet for regular purchases, or do you want to invest in digital currency and keep it in your wallet?
  • Is the wallet a web-based application? If you love using apps and mobile, you’ll want to consider these features.
  • Do you want to use many currencies or just one?
  • Do you want to be able to access your digital wallet from everywhere or just at home?

After conducting proper research, we came up with a list of the five best crypto wallet platforms easily accessible to Indonesians:


Creating a cryptocurrency wallet is very simple and straightforward. The process to set up an online free crypto wallet is as follows:

  • Install a wallet app on your phone. Coinbase Wallet, Blockchain Wallet, and Trustwallet are popular choices.
  • Make an account for yourself. Crypto wallets like this do not require you to submit any personal information. 
  • Make a mental note of your private key or write them down in a secret diary. It’s given as a 12-word phrase at random. The phrase and your bitcoin login should be kept in a safe place. You won’t be able to access your crypto if you lose or forget this 12-word phrase. 

Ethereum chart

The Future Of Ethereum (ETH)


Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain platform with smart contract functionality that has its cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH) or Ethereum, and its programming language, Solidity.

 Programmer Vitalik Buterin designed Ethereum in 2015 to let developers create and publish smart contracts and distributed apps (dApps) without the risk of downtime, fraud, or third-party interference. Ethereum has two main functions: For starters, it functions as money and can be used as a store of value.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is often referred to be the second most popular cryptocurrency. However, unlike Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is created to be far more than just a store of value or medium of exchange. Ethereum, on the other hand, is referred to by its creator as a decentralized computing network based on blockchain technology. 


By solving cryptographic problems, computers worldwide compete for processing power and thus energy to mine Ethereum. Any miner who solves the problem first is rewarded with ether (ETH). With these pay-outs, miners are rewarded with free Ethereum for safeguarding the network, confirming transactions, and adding blocks to the blockchain.

Ethereum mining rewards are currently two ether every block, plus all transaction and gas expenses. A new block is added to the blockchain every 15 seconds.


  • Create an Ethereum wallet: You’ll need to build an Ethereum wallet if you don’t already have one. MetaMask and myetherwallet are two of the many choices available. You can register for your bitcoin login here.
  • Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.
  • Install the latest available updates supplied by your GPU manufacturer AMD or NVidia to ensure that your GPUs perform as efficiently as possible.
  • Install and run Ethereum mining software on your computer.


An Ethereum wallet is comparable to an online bank account; you may transfer, receive, and manage your Ethereum from your wallet. Ethereum wallets come in different forms and types, each with its unique set of characteristics. Mobile wallets, software wallets, and hardware wallets are all available. Your coins are stored in your smartphone if you are using a mobile wallet. A software wallet is a computer program that must be downloaded, whereas a hardware wallet is a physical device. 


A mobile wallet is quick, simple, and user-friendly, especially if you have very little knowledge about cryptocurrency. Trust Wallet, Blockchain, Metamask are one of the most popular mobile wallets for handling ethers and bitcoin logins. You may learn how to create a wallet like this by reading the steps below:

  • Go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).
  • Search and download any of the recommended wallet apps.
  • Launch the app and write down your 24-word recovery phrase. That is your wallet’s backup, and it’s essential.
  • Create a secure password.
  • Add Ethereum to your wallet. To receive ether, use your receiving address.


Since May 21, the price of Ethereum has fallen by over 60% from the all-time high of $4400(62,527,740.00 Indonesian Rupiah). However, it has regained about 50% of its losses in the past few months. The current Ethereum price is $3150 (44764177.50 Indonesian Rupiah) per ETH.

Currently, there are over 117,639,111 ETH in circulations.

Ethereum chart
solana chart

The Future Of SOLANA (SOL)


Solana is an open-sourced and decentralized public blockchain platform that was developed by Anatoly Yakovenko, Alevtina Yakovenko. Solana was officially released in April to carry out transactions at a very high speed without compromising decentralization. Solana achieves consensus using “proof of stake” and “proof of history” and carries out peer-to-peer transactions with its native cryptocurrency, SOL.

The SOL is used for payment of transaction fees and staking. Solana is capable of processing 50,000 transactions per second. Solana, like Ethereum, is both a cryptocurrency and a versatile platform for operating crypto programs, including Degenerate Apes and the Serum decentralized exchange (or DEX). Additionally, its most significant innovation is its ability to process transactions fast with low congestion and transaction fees.


Since September 8, the price of Solana has fallen by over 48% from the all-time high of $215(3060202.50 Indonesian Rupiah).  It has regained about 20% of its losses in the past few days. The current Solana price is $151 (2,149,258.50 Indonesian Rupiah) per SOL.

Currently, there are over 297,144,874.615 SOL in circulations.

solana chart


Solana supports different types of wallets, the Solana native command-line app, and wallets from third parties. Depending on your experience and comfort level with commands (for advanced users) or app-based options. You can choose from a variety of crypto wallets. App-based Solana wallets like Trust Wallet, Coin 98, or Exodus Wallets allow most users to install an app for easy interaction instead of learning complex codes or commands that more experienced or tech-savvy users may prefer. You can use visit Blockchain for Bitcoin login.

Solana Supported Web Wallets:

Solana Supported App Wallets:


Generally, for keeping cryptocurrency, both hardware and paper wallets are typically secure. Both are regarded as secure due to their capacity to keep records offline, preventing hackers and malware from gaining access to crypto accounts. Because of the private keys and their security, hardware wallets keep your crypto accounts safe when your computer is offline and connected. In other words, you don’t need Ethereum and Bitcoin login details for this types of wallets

Security is one of the essential features of a Solana-compatible wallet, which is greatly improved with a hardware wallet. These devices are built to last, with features such as resistance to water, fire, and high voltage levels.


Many people believe that Solana, like Bitcoin, can be mined for coins. That is not possible with a Proof of Stake coin.

However, Solana provides two key opportunities for users to help the network in exchange for free Solana rewards:

  • Staking: Staking is a method of earning free Solana rewards by staking Solana you already own with a validator. A Validator on the Solana network will give you rewards of around 8% for allowing your Solana coins to be staked to help confirm transactions on the network. Similar to how a bank pays interest on your deposits in exchange for using your funds to support mortgages and other investments.
  • Validation: Validation is a service that allows you to run a powerful server in a data center to confirm transactions on the Solana network. You can earn a commission as a validator on all rewards generated by people who ‘stake’ their coins with you. However, the costs of starting up can be expensive for many.